Operating Hours

Monday: 7 am – 12 pm

Thursday: 4pm – 9 pm

Friday & Weekends: 7 am – 9 pm

French Nurse


UK Phlebotomist

Home is the best place to take care of you

There are many reasons to prefer having a blood test at home. You may be too tired or sick to commute today. Maybe you are not confident with blood tests and you feel better when performed in your own environment. Or a home visit better respects your private life. Whatever your reason, if a home visit suits you better, your reason is a good one.

French healthcare is now available all over London.
Do not struggle anymore with your GP practice opening times and location. Now you can get a French qualified nurse directly at home. 

Get your blood test at work

Have a long day at work or an important meeting? Impossible for you to go to the laboratory or to the clinic? Do not waste your time, nor your efficiency. I can offer my services directly at your workplace.

In case of emergency, call 999 or visit your closest emergency service.